The Problem with Buying Wooden Windows for Your Home in Fort Worth, TX

Wooden Windows Fort Worth TXThere’s no denying that your home in Fort Worth, Texas, would look spectacular with new wooden windows. The problem, though, with wood windows is that they require quite a bit of care and maintenance. For example, if it’s not stained or painted on a periodic basis, a wood window can easily begin to rot, warp, and become infested with insects, especially termites. Another disadvantage of wood is cost, as wooden windows generally cost more than windows made of, say, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass.

Which is why, at Gulf Coast Windows, we developed the Performer IV, a window with a composite frame that effectively delivers all of the aesthetic benefits of wooden windows minus the maintenance hassles. In fact, you will find the Performer IV on many homes in the Fort Worth, TX, area. The Performer IV boasts:

  • Low-maintenance composite frames
  • Structural foam insulation
  • Energy-efficient glass with argon gas fills
  • Impressive air infiltration ratings
  • And more

Designed for the oftentimes unforgiving Texas climate, the Performer IV offers an outstanding combination of thermal performance (for lower energy bills) and timeless beauty (for enhanced home value and curb appeal). And, with Gulf Coast, you will benefit from doing business with an established Texas company that will install your custom windows right – the first time.

If you are looking to buy wooden windows but are also willing to consider a lower maintenance alternative, then contact Gulf Coast Windows today and inquire about the Performer IV. We serve the entire Fort Worth, TX, area.