The Pros & Cons of Buying Wooden Windows for Your Home in Bellaire, TX

Wooden Windows Bellaire TXBefore you go out and spend a fortune on wooden windows for your home in Bellaire, Texas, be sure to develop a thorough understanding of their pluses and minuses. For example, many say that wood windows provide unmatched visual appeal. Wood is a natural material that provides a warm, rustic look and feel. Wooden windows are an especially popular choice for older homes where a different window type might clash with the existing architecture. But, for some, the practical disadvantages of wood windows outweigh the fact that they’re beautiful. One of the main problems with wood windows is they frequently have to be painted. If left untreated, a wood window will eventually start to rot and become unusable. There is also the termite issue. Wood windows are always at risk of being chewed up by hungry termites looking for a meal.

If only you could buy windows that deliver the warm rusticity of real wood without having to put up with all the maintenance hassles. Fortunately, you can, with help from Gulf Coast Windows, a window replacement company serving Bellaire, TX, that has just the window for you. Our Performer IV is a composite-frame window that combines the beauty of wooden windows with the strength of aluminum and the maintenance-free benefits of vinyl. This window – available exclusively from Gulf Coast Windows – is the most aesthetically beautiful, technologically advanced, and structurally stable window available.

Contact us today for more information on how the Performer IV compares to wooden windows. We serve Bellaire, TX, and communities throughout the Houston metro area.