Read Further Before You Buy Wood Windows for Your House in West University Place, TX

Wood House Windows West University Place TXThere’s no denying the beauty of wood house windows. However, they’re not exactly the ideal type of window for your home in West University Place, Texas. Though warm and inviting, wood windows do require quite a bit of maintenance. If not stained or painted periodically, wood windows can all too easily begin to deteriorate and become infested with termites. If only there was a window that looked like painted wood but didn’t come with all the time consuming and costly maintenance requirements.

Fortunately, there is. It is called the Performer IV, and it is available exclusively from Gulf Coast Windows, an established window replacement contractor serving West University Place, TX. Unlike typical wood house windows, the Performer IV requires hardly any maintenance or care whatsoever. It features a high-performance composite frame that looks remarkably like painted wood even from close up. Plus, just like all the other windows we sell, the Performer IV is ENERGY STAR® certified. Not only does it look beautiful but it can also help you lower your energy bills. It boasts heat-reflecting, Low-E glass, argon gas fills, and other features that inhibit the ability of heat to enter or exit the home.

For more information about the Performer IV and the many ways in which it is such a great alternative to traditional wood house windows, contact Gulf Coast Windows today. We will be pleased to discuss your window replacement needs in detail during a complimentary in-home consultation. In West University Place, TX, we also install vinyl windows, aluminum windows, and storm/security windows.