When to Schedule a Window Installation at Your Home in Houston, TX

Window Installation Houston, TXThe day has finally come for you to invest in replacement windows. You’ve done your research, budgeted, and have narrowed down your window material preferences. The only thing left to do is schedule a professional window installation. Easy, right? It can be, as long as you partner with a window company that has a team of installation specialists, years of industry experience, and—of course—your best interests in mind. Stick around as we help you figure out when to schedule your window installation, how to prep your home for installation day, and who you can trust in Houston, TX, for a job well done.

Scheduling & Prepping

When it comes down to scheduling your window installation, take your time! Since this project requires access to both your home’s interior and exterior, you’ll want to schedule your appointment when you’ll be home. What’s more, think about the time of year you’ll want to schedule this project, as it involves exposing your home’s interior to the exterior elements with minimal protection. Once you’ve decided on a time, prep your home by following this simple checklist:

  • Clear the work area
  • Cover furniture in any room where windows will be installed
  • Trim any landscaping near the project site
  • Keep pets and children away from the installation site

The Window Company Locals Trust

For Houston, TX, homeowners, Gulf Coast Windows is the home improvement company of choice for new windows. As the area’s most tenured window company, we have decades of industry experience and have done well to put our expertise to great use by helping thousands of local homeowners transform their homes with standout replacement windows that boast the best in performance, durability, and energy efficiency.

Contact us today to schedule your window installation!