Signs of a Faulty Window Installation

Window Installation Houston, TX

The quality of a window replacement relies on the quality of the installation. If you’ve recently upgraded the windows at your home in the Houston, TX, area and have observed drafts or other signs of damage, then your replacement windows could have been improperly installed. Continue reading to learn about the top signs of bad window installations.

Drafts & Water Damage

Water and air infiltration are two popular signs of faulty window installations, especially if you notice these issues developing in your new windows. For example, drafts could suggest that there is a lack of insulation in the window frame or weak caulking. And, water damage could reveal a lack of sealants around the window frame.

Windows that Won’t Open or Close

If you are having issues opening or closing your windows, they may have been installed at an angle or improperly fitted to your home. This can seriously affect the security of your product and its structural integrity.

Messy Caulking

Take a close look at your windows after installation. If you notice that the caulking around your window’s frame is messy or uneven, it could affect your window’s ability to seal out water and other contaminants that could affect the performance of the product.

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