Why Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Windows?

Why Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Windows?A lot of benefits can come from replacing your windows, enhanced curb appeal and improved natural light to name a few. When you invest in energy-efficient windows, the advantages can become even greater. Designed to impede heat transfer and decrease the need to overwork your HVAC unit to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, these energy-saving windows can help you create the ideal living space and reduce your monthly energy bills; it’s a win-win scenario!

Thermal Performance You Can Count On

In order to take advantage of the aforementioned benefits, you need to ensure you are investing in truly energy-efficient windows. One of the best ways to find energy-efficient windows that offer all that you are looking for is to choose an option with ENERGY STAR® certification. This rating indicates that your windows have been tested and proven to meet a variety of high-performance energy standards.

In addition to this rating, there are a couple of components to consider in the overall build of your windows. Look for:

  • Double- or triple-glass panes
  • High-quality frame materials
  • Window spacers

All of these elements will help improve the overall energy performance of your windows, preventing the cause for drafts and heat transfer over time.

Gulf Coast Windows Has Your Home Covered

At Gulf Coast Windows, we offer a wide variety of energy-efficient windows to homeowners throughout Houston, TX. As part of our Performer series, each window has been carefully selected because of its build and innovative features. To learn more about our ENERGY STAR®-certified windows, contact us today.