What Door Material Is Best?

What Door Material Is Best?

Think about it, your front door does much more than simply open and close. It invites guests through a warm, welcoming threshold and offers a certain amount of charm to your home’s exterior. Most importantly, it provides a secure boundary between the outside world and your family, keeping what you most love safe. All of these functions and more are important to consider when investing in a new door, as is the door material. This element can define the overall performance and aesthetic appeal of your entryway, ensuring you’ve invested in a product that’s designed to last. So, what’s the best door material? The answer: fiberglass.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass has increasingly become the door material of choice for Houston, Texas, residents, as it mimics the look of real wood without the taxing upkeep. In fact, when compared to natural woodgrains, fiberglass doors offer better:

  • Energy efficiency – Fiberglass is extremely insulative, helping your home maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, which can lead to decreased heating and cooling costs.
  • Customizations – Fiberglass can be texturized and finished to reflect the warmth of traditional wooden doors.
  • Durability – Unlike natural materials, fiberglass is engineered to never warp, rot, or rust over time.

Our Fiberglass Doors

At Gulf Coast Windows, we offer premium fiberglass doors to residents throughout the Greater Houston area. As a window and door specialist, our products deliver top-quality results, are ENERGY STAR® certified, and feature extra secure hardware. And, for an entry door that truly compliments your aesthetic preferences, our fiberglass doors can also be customized in a range of configurations that feature different glass decorations, colors, stains, and finishes.

To learn more about why Houston, TX, homeowners choose our fiberglass entry doors over comparable options, contact Gulf Coast Windows today.