What Are the Safest Window Materials?

What Are the Safest Window Materials?Accepting the unpredictable is a part of life. There are, however, ways you can defend against it. In terms of protecting your home, investing in replacement windows that are engineered to withstand the worst-case scenarios is the way to go. But, how can you tell what the safest window materials are? Stick around as we delve deeper into how you can determine the durability and security of replacement windows for your home.

Impact Windows for the Win

There is one home improvement product that has been carefully engineered to handle extremes—be it severe weather conditions or intruder attempts: hurricane windows. These super-durable upgrades are designed with innovative features that work to not only improve the security of a home but also improve its energy efficiency. At Gulf Coast Windows, we offer hurricane windows that provide the very best in durability and security. These replacement windows feature:

  • Aluminum-reinforced, rigid vinyl frames – This dual-material composition offers even more structural stability for years of reliable performance.
  • Laminated impact glass – This window glass is very similar to what you should find in cars, and it also features a DP100 pressure rating and 15 PSF water penetration rating.
  • ENERGY STAR® certification – This rating verifies that the windows offer incredible thermal performance, which can potentially reduce your monthly energy bills.

Combined, these benefits offer exceptional impact and intruder resistance as well as energy efficiency.

Are you ready to install hurricane windows at your home? If so, contact Gulf Coast Windows today! We serve homeowners throughout Houston, TX, and will happily help you find the best window materials for your home and needs.