The Benefits of Having Vinyl Windows Installed on Your Home in Fort Worth

Vinyl Windows Fort Worth TXVinyl windows, which are windows with frames made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), can make a great addition to your home in the Fort Worth area of Texas. First used in Germany in the 1950s, vinyl windows subsequently exploded in popularity as homeowners discovered how they combine affordability with energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. Let’s look at each of these highly appealing characteristics in a more detail:

  • Affordability – A vinyl window is almost always going to be the least expensive option. Of course, vinyl window prices can vary, even drastically. Much of it boils down to brand, style, size, and of course installation charges.
  • Energy efficiency – A well-constructed and properly installed vinyl window can be an excellent insulator that helps to lower home cooling and heating costs. If energy savings are important to you – and why shouldn’t they be? – be sure to look for features that are designed specifically with thermal performance in mind. These can include multi-pane glazing, low-emissivity glass, welded corners, warm-edge spacers, and argon gas fills.
  • Ease of maintenance – Although no type of window requires no maintenance, vinyl windows are about as low maintenance as you can get. Their PVC frames are virtually impervious to weathering and never have to be scraped, stained, or painted.

The Performer II

The vinyl window brand that has long ranked as one of the most popular among homeowners in the Fort Worth area is the Performer II – available exclusively from Gulf Coast Windows. The Performer II delivers a stunning combination of beauty and thermal performance, all for an economical price. It features a frame made out of premium titanium dioxide uPVC along with durable hardware and low-E glass for the utmost in energy savings. Indeed, this window is ENERGY STAR® certified, making it one of the most energy-efficient vinyl windows currently on the market. Replacing your old windows with windows that have earned ENERGY STAR® certification can lower your home energy bills and lessen your reliance on polluting fossil fuels.

For more information, contact Gulf Coast Windows, an award-winning window replacement specialist serving the Fort Worth area. In addition to vinyl windows, we also install aluminum windows, composite windows, impact windows, siding, and more.