The Benefits of Having Vinyl Windows Installed on Your Home in Dallas, TX

Vinyl Windows Dallas TXDrive around the Dallas area of Texas and you are sure to find vinyl windows gracing the exterior of many homes. The vinyl window was introduced to America in the 1960s and, since then, has had a meteoric rise in popularity. This growth in popularity among consumers is due in large part to the energy crisis of the 1970s, a period when the United States and other industrialized countries experienced substantial petroleum shortages coupled with skyrocketing energy prices. Vinyl windows came to be embraced during this time as people began looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption. Even more so today than half a century ago, vinyl windows offer superior energy efficiency through a combination of airtight construction and exceptionally low U-factor and SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) ratings. In addition to lowering your energy bills, vinyl windows are incredibly durable and require almost no maintenance. If you are interested in going the vinyl route, be sure to look for models that have multiple panes of low-emissivity (low-E) glass, argon gas fills, and high-quality components like locks and pulleys.

Gulf Coast Windows – One of the Premier Window Replacement Companies Serving Dallas, TX

The vinyl window provider of choice for many in the Dallas area of Texas is Gulf Coast Windows, an established business that installs some of the finest vinyl windows in the United States. Our vinyl window – the Performer II – boasts impressive attention to detail along with exceptional beauty and thermal performance. Thanks to an outer frame made of 100 percent pure vinyl – not repurposed vinyl – the Performer II features perhaps the strongest vinyl frame currently on the market. As with all the other windows that we offer, the Performer II is ENERGY STAR® certified, installed by skills professionals, and backed by a 50-year warranty that is fully transferable.

For more information, contact Gulf Coast Windows, an award-winning window installer that has been exceeding customer expectations for over 35 years and counting! We will be pleased to discuss our current specials with you and furnish all the information you wish to know about our window replacement services during a complimentary consultation. We also proudly install aluminum windows, composite windows, doors, siding, and more throughout the Dallas area of Texas.