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Performer II: The Ultimate in Strength, Beauty and Energy-Efficiency

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Attention to detail makes Performer II Fusion-Welded CoVinyl Thermal Replacement Windowsmposite Vinyl Windows the choice for beauty and performance. Architectural details formed from premium titanium dioxide vinyl and PVC provide the exceptional look you want for your home while energy saving features deliver the performance you need.

Performer II Composite Windows are engineered by our product development group – experts that design and test our superior, energy-efficient windows. They have incorporated over a dozen features that block the flow of heat, for a superior, energy-saving window that keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. With the cost savings you’ll enjoy on your energy bills, Performer II Composite Vinyl Windows are a smart investment that can help pay for themselves.

Specifically Designed to be Environmentally Friendly

Specifically Designed to be Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that Gulf Coast are an eco-friendly company in several ways? Each window is precision-engineered to deliver superior energy efficiency and help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels for heating and cooling. Because they never need to be painted, they also lessen the amount of paint, stain, and other maintenance-related products from entering the waste stream or polluting the air with potentially harmful organic gasses. As a recyclable material, all in-plant scrap vinyl is reused for other products (such as fencing and decking) to help reduce the volume and environmental impact of waste. Our composite vinyl windows also boast a long service life and typically weigh less than other substrate window products, requiring less energy consumption during transportation.

Exciting Styles

Custom-Built For Your Needs!

Add beauty, excitement, and an extended view of the outdoors to your home.

Ask us about our R-5 composite vinyl windows! They are the only one of their kind!

Our Vinyl Windows are Custom-Built