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View from the backyard of a home with a pool, brick siding, and newly installed replacement windows

Why buy ordinary replacement windows for your home in Sugar Land, Texas, when you can buy them from Gulf Coast Windows? Our company has been one of the premier window replacement contractors in the region since the early 1980s. Since then, the company has firmly established itself as a reputable installer with a sizeable window selection. Indeed, Gulf Coast has won the prestigious Pinnacle Award from the Better Business Bureau as well as the BBB’s Award of Excellence every year from 2006 on.

Our Selection of Replacement Windows

All the replacement windows that we install in Sugar Land, TX, are made to order and produced by leading manufacturers. We proudly sell the following models:

  • Performer I – No ordinary aluminum window, the Performer I combines highly durable aluminum frames with technologically advanced energy efficient features such as Low-E glass and Argon gas fills.
  • Performer II – With frames made of premium titanium dioxide uPVC, the Performer II is a low-maintenance vinyl window that is both thermally efficient and economically priced.
  • Performer III – Replacement windows like the Performer III have become very popular in this hurricane- and tornado-prone area of the country. It features laminated glass that will not shatter.
  • Performer IV – This is a composite window that is the most energy efficient, structurally stable, and aesthetically beautiful product of its kind.

Why Our Energy Efficient Windows are a Must-Have

All of our windows come with the following benefits:

A Chance to Save Money

Energy efficient windows can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer without straining your home’s HVAC. This can, in turn, lead to lower energy costs.

Protection Against UV Rays

Our energy efficient windows have special coatings that provide protection against harsh UV rays. This is not only beneficial for you, but for your belongings as well. UV rays can damage and fade rugs, paintings, wood, fabrics, and furniture. ENERGY STAR windows can reduce fading by up to 75 percent.

Noise Reduction

Thanks to their outstanding insulation and airtight design, our windows can also reduce infiltration of outside noise. This means you can relax inside your home without being disrupted by noisy neighbors or passerby.

Less Maintenance

Energy efficient windows are also less prone to condensation, meaning the chance of developing mold is reduced. Their UV-reducing coatings also help protect against water spots and the buildup of dirt on the outside of the window. All of these factors make our energy efficient windows easier to clean.

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For more information, contact Gulf Coast Windows, a reputable installer of replacement windows serving the Sugar Land, TX, area. We look forward to evaluating your window needs and providing expert help throughout the window selection and window installation process.