Radiant Barrier, Houston

Here at Gulf Coast Windows, we are proud to say that we provide the industry leading Green Energy Barrier© radiant barrier, and we love to promote the fact that these barriers are made right here in the USA. As a leading Green Energy Barrier© Dealer, our mission is to provide high quality products that focus on helping homeowners bring down their cost of living by reducing electric bills, increasing energy efficiency, and allowing homeowners and their families to live more comfortably. In addition to supplying Green Energy Barrier© products, we also take care of all installation.

Your attic is the number one area responsible for heat loss/gain in your home, and as such, the importance of proper insulation is second to none; attic insulation is a major player in your home’s heating and cooling, and the quality of your insulation translates directly into your energy bill.

Green Energy Barrier© offers the most cost effective solution to homeowners looking for ways to start conserving energy and saving money through their insulation. Unlike typical insulation that merely resists heat our reflective attic foil insulation product reflects heat by acting as a radiant heat barrier, keeping your home at a reasonable and comfortable temperature the entire year round.

Green Energy Barrier© offers nothing but the best products, services, and prices, and as a member of this national network of dealers, we share in their commitment to excellence and customer appreciation. Choosing Gulf Coast Windows and Green Energy Barrier is a guarantee that you will be satisfied by our trained and certified professional organization and unmatched customer service.

We are proud to say that our Radiant Barriers are made in the USA.

Made in the USA