Performer IV Composite Windows

Designed For The Texas Climate

Composite Frame Material

  • It insulates over 2.5 times better than rigid vinyl, and over 1.5 times better than wood
  • Will not rot
  • Resists mildew and fungus
  • Termite resistant
  • Surface hardness superior to most types of wood

The secret behind the window’s performance is it’s exceptionally low air infiltration ratings, low frame conduction and our exclusive “Heat Reflector”coatings with Argon Gas. These unique benefits can lower the energy consumption of a typical home by as much as 40%.

The Performer IV Composite window offers outstanding thermal performance and exceeds the most rigorous Energy Star Requirements. Instead of a window that looks like a vinyl replacement window, Performer IV Composite Window will match your original architecture with Beauty, Quality and Performance.

Heat Reflector™ Glass Package

Terrace Door Features

Heat Reflector™ Glass Package Performer IV Composite Windows feature the very best in thermal efficiency technology, three times more than most companies, to maximize thermal performance, and keep your home comfortable. Heat Reflector™ Glass blocks about 80% of the sun’s heat from entering your home while letting the light shine through.

We are able to accomplish this with multiple microscopic layers on the inside of the outer pane of glass. Keeping your home bright, while blocking harmful UV rays.

Each Heat Reflector™ Double Pane System also incorporates Argon gas in between double-strength glass to complete the glass pack. Argon, a safe naturally occurring gas, helps to block the transfer of heat better than air while increasing energy efficiency, adding protection from the sun’s damaging rays, and helping to deaden sound.

Expanded Composite Polymers

The R-factor (insulation value) per linear inch of a Composite window frame is 214% better than vinyl windows and significantly better than other frame types. The secret is our revolutionary EPC insulation – a high-density space-age Composite material, that is intended to keep your home comfortable.

This structural foam is a combination of resins, chemical additives, and modifiers. This mix is processed with nitrogen and other physical and chemical blowing agents at a temperature between 400° – 600 °F. When the final shape is extruded, it actually has millions of tiny shapes and bubbles inside. These closed cells are shaped like honeycombs. Compressed as they are, the material has an awesome strength and durability that nether vinyl nor wood possess.

Hardware Options

All Performer IV interior hardware comes in three color options. Choose either white, beige or brown to compliment your windows color and design. This hardware package includes the locks, handles, tilt release latches, and vent locks.

Hardware Options

Hardware Options

Various Decorative Glass Options

Decorative Glass Options

Quality Craftsmanship

  • 50-Year Transferable Warranty
  • Designed by experienced craftsmen
  • Operational ease
  • Maintenance Free, will never rot, warp, crack or need paint

Energy Efficient

  • Heat Reflector™ Double-Pane Glass provides ultimate energy-efficiency
  • Thermal threshold engineered for strength and air tight fit