High-Performance Impact Windows for Your Home in Sugar Land, TX

Impact Windows Sugar Land TXIn Sugar Land, Texas, and nearby areas, you will find impact windows on an ever-growing number of homes. What, exactly, is an impact window? It is a window that has a specialized type of glass called laminated glass. Also called safety glass, laminated glass features a shatterproof interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) that is placed between two glass plates. The assembly is then sealed by high-pressure rollers and heated. This combination of pressure and heat chemically bonds the PVB to the glass and the resulting window will not shatter.

The primary benefit of having impact windows installed on your home in or near Sugar Land, TX, is keeping your home – and the people inside it – protected in the event of a hurricane. At Gulf Coast Windows, we’d like to offer you two additional benefits. The first one is forced entry deterrence. A potential intruder will find it next to impossible to enter your home by breaking an impact window. The second advantage is better energy efficiency. The impact windows that we at Gulf Coast sell are ENERGY STAR certified and can help you lower your cooling and heating bills – perhaps significantly.

For additional information about impact windows and the benefits of putting your window replacement needs into the hands of our company, contact Gulf Coast Windows today. We are the oldest window replacement company in the region and proudly offer an expansive window selection. For example, we also sell vinyl windows, aluminum windows, and composite windows – all in various styles.