Installer of Impact Windows Serving Piney Point Village, TX

Impact Windows Piney Point Village TXDrive around Piney Point Village, Texas, and you will find many homes with impact windows installed by Gulf Coast Windows. That’s because, in this hurricane-prone part of the world, more and more homeowners are beginning to appreciate the benefits of having high-performance windows that are specifically designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris. At Gulf Coast, we have responded to the pronounced increase in demand for impact windows by developing the Performer III. This window features heavy-duty, aluminum-reinforced vinyl frames along with laminated impact glass, which is similar to automobile windshield glass. Should the glass be struck by a flying object, such as a tree branch during a storm, it will not shatter and produce dangerous shards of glass. While it may crack, the window will maintain its shape and thus not pose a threat to anyone inside.

Why else should you have impact windows from Gulf Coast installed on your home in Piney Point Village, TX? Another reason is improved home security. The same characteristics of the Performer III that make it hurricane-resistant render it virtually impenetrable to intruders. Try as they might, criminals will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to gain entry into your home through an impact window.

For more information about the Performer III and how it compares to other impact windows currently available, contact Gulf Coast Windows today. We will be pleased to explain in more detail how you and your family can benefit from investing in a state-of-the-art impact window like the Performer III. In Piney Point Village, TX, we also install composite windows, vinyl windows, aluminum windows, doors, and more.