Custom Impact Windows for Katy Tx Homes

Impact Windows Katy TXContact the Gulf Coast Windows Design team about Custom Impact Windows for Katy Tx Homes.  Severe weather – like Hurricane Harvey in 2017 – poses a significant threat in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area including outlying communities like Katy, Texas. Protect yourself and limit the damage inflicted on your home during such weather conditions with custom windows specifically designed to not shatter into a million pieces when hit by flying objects: impact windows. Our Custom Impact windows feature a specialized type of  laminated glass that holds together even when it’s shattered. When struck hard by an object, laminated glass will develop a cracking pattern similar to a spider web. Yes, the glass is broken, but it doesn’t put anyone in danger of being hurt by flying shards.

One of the premier installers of impact windows serving Katy, TX, is Gulf Coast Windows. We have developed a high-performance impact window called the Performer III that is proven to withstand the fury of powerful hurricanes. In addition, it is highly energy efficient and an excellent barrier against burglars attempting to break into your home and steal your valuables. The Performer III is certified by the Texas Department of Insurance, installed by skilled professionals, and backed by a 50-year warranty that can be transferred to a new homeowner up to three times.

Contact Gulf Coast Windows for more information about the impact windows we can install on your home in or near Katy, TX.