Installer of Custom Impact Windows Serving Hunters Creek Village, TX

Impact Windows Hunters Creek Village TXImpact windows can be found on an ever-growing number of homes in Hunters Creek Village, Texas. Just what is an impact window, exactly? It looks just like any other window but features a highly specialized type of glass called laminated glass. Also called safety glass, laminated glass is designed to hold together when it’s broken. If struck by a flying object – such as a tree branch during a storm – laminated glass may crack but not shatter and pose a danger. An interlayer typically made of polyvinyl butyral or ethylene vinyl acetate keeps the glass bonded and prevents it from shattering into a thousand sharp pieces.

At Gulf Coast Windows, we proudly sell a high-performance impact window called the Performer III. It is one of the very best impact windows on the market and is highly popular among our customers in the Hunters Creek Village, TX, area. In addition to being a great window to have in a hurricane-prone area, the Performer III is also effective at preventing forced entry. Again, because it does not shatter, the Performer III puts up a formidable barrier against potential burglars.

For more information about the Performer III and help deciding whether impact windows are right for your home in or near Hunters Creek Village, TX, contact Gulf Coast Windows today. We will be pleased to speak with you in detail about your window replacement needs and explain how the window installation process works. All our windows are made to order and are installed by skilled professionals.