Award-Winning Installer of Impact Windows Serving the Houston, TX Area

Close-up view of made-to-order impact windows on a home with brick siding

Impact windows can be found on an ever-growing number of homes in the Houston, Texas, area. That’s because its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico puts it directly in the crosshairs of hurricanes, tropical storms, and other forms of severe weather that have often destroyed ordinary windows. At Gulf Coast Windows, we meet the demand for high-performance impact windows by offering a high design pressure (DP) rated window called the Performer III. This window features aluminum-reinforced vinyl frames along with laminated impact glass that may crack but not shatter when struck with heavy force by an object. Laminated impact glass is a bit like auto windshield glass; when struck, it will retain its overall structural integrity and not shatter into thousands of pieces and potentially cause serious harm.

Our Performer III Impact-Resistant Windows

The Performer III is what impact windows from other contractors in the Houston, TX, area aspire to be. Like all windows from Gulf Coast Windows, it is:

  • Made to order (we do not sell stock sizes)
  • Installed by skilled professionals
  • Available in many styles
  • Backed by a 50-year warranty that’s fully transferable

The Benefits of Installing Hurricane Impact Windows

There are many benefits to installing hurricane impact windows that go beyond storm protection, such as:

Energy Efficiency

Hurricane windows also provide excellent insulation thanks to their layers of impact-resistant glass. This helps reduce thermal transfer, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer while taking the stress off your HVAC.


Impact-resistant hurricane windows also provide great insulation against outside noise due to their laminated glass, which includes an extra layer of polyvinyl butyral. Designed to catch debris, this laminated glass can also disrupt soundwaves, reducing the amount of noise entering your home. This means you can read a book, listen to music, or watch TV without being interrupted by noisy neighbors or passerby.

UV Protection

Impact windows are also loved by homeowners because they can block harmful UV rays. UV rays can damage furniture, paintings, fabrics, and coverings over time. Our impact windows can help preserve your furniture, heirlooms, and more for years to come.

Home Security

Our hurricane-rated impact windows aren’t just resistant to severe storms, they can also provide great protection against burglars and other intruders.

Gulf Coast Windows has been in business for over 30 years. Along with having received the Pinnacle Award from the Better Business Bureau, we are humbled (but not surprised) to have received the BBB’s Award of Excellence every year since 2006.

Be sure to contact Gulf Coast Windows today if you think you’d like to invest in impact windows and live anywhere in the Houston, TX, area.