Strongest Hurricane Windows in the World

Max Force Hurricane Windows & Doors offers the strongest windows and doors that will withstand the fury of powerful hurricanes. Our windows are designed to be energy efficient and to protect you and your family from flying debris during hurricane seasons.

Strong Enough To Withstand Category 5 Hurricanes

Protection with Hurricane Windows

Our impact resistant windows are designed with pressure rating up to DP100 and water penetration up to 15 PSF. The windows are strong enough to withstand the wind forces and flying debris generated by the most powerful Category 5 hurricanes. It is the first and currently the only vinyl hung windows with a Level E rating.

To put this into perspective, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans as a Category 5 and we all know just how incredible the swath of destruction was. Hurricane Andrew leveled entire regions of Southern Florida in 1992, prompting some of the laws regarding hurricane windows we have today.

Homes aren’t safe against hurricanes just because you place some plywood over your windows. Not only does this add unsightly holes throughout your window frames, a powerful hurricane’s winds can reach under those boards, rip them off, and then break through the windows anyway. Once a window is smashed in a house or building, the entire house is at risk of being destroyed.

Your windows and doors are the last line of defense against hurricane force winds.

Highest Energy Efficiency

Our windows are easily one of the most energy efficient windows in the industry. Not only do they exceed Energy Star ratings, it qualifies for the new Department of Energy R-5 high insulating and low-e storm protection volume purchase program. The windows are the only impact windows that qualified for this new program!

Rated For Residential To Heavy Commercial Usage

Hurricane Windows

Our windows are the FIRST and ONLY vinyl hung window to be rated from residential and all the way up to Heavy Commercial Construction. The very same window can be installed in everything from a single family home to a 20 story high rise condominium on the beaches of Florida’s coast. Commercial architects and developers can finally build green and achieve a truly residential design aesthetic. Homeowners get the same structure protection found in High Commercial Building Codes.

Protect Against Burglaries

The windows truly earned the title “Extreme Protection” in 2009 when it was bomb blast certified. This is the first vinyl windows that are certified at GSA & DOD Level 1 & 2.

It is almost the “PERFECT” window.

This Hybrid Product is NOT your typical Vinyl Window!

Max Force Series: The World’s First and Only…

  • ALL Vinyl Hung Window rated DP +100 / – 150 in a 52″ x 74″
  • Vinyl Window rated for Level “E” Impact (Essential Facilities)
  • Vinyl Window rated for and installed in a US Military installation requiring DOD / GSA / UFC Bomb Blast Mitigation products.
  • Vinyl Impact Window rated for DOE’s R5 Volume Window Purchase Program.
  • Superior Air / Superior Water / Superior Structural
  • Level “D” / Level “E” / R5 / Bomb Blast

Whether you are discussing Aesthetics, energy, structural performance, Impact or Bomb Blast protection the Max Force Window is the most complete and All Around Superior System on the market today!

Hurricane Windows
Hurricane Windows
Hurricane Windows
Hurricane Windows
Hurricane Windows
Hurricane Windows
Hurricane Windows