What Makes a Window Hurricane Proof?

Hurricane Windows Houston, TXSecurity is a fundamental need for homeowners. It grants you the freedom to truly escape to a safe place that’s shared by family and friends. When that security is compromised, you can feel a sense of loss. That’s why many Houston-area homeowners are opting to invest in impact-resistant windows. Designed to defend against the wrath of Mother Nature and potential intruder attempts, these windows act as an exterior barrier that can strengthen the protection of your home from the unpredictable.

Ready to invest in hurricane windows for your home? The first step is ensuring that the replacement windows you are reviewing are truly impact resistant. Stick around as we teach you how you can make this decision confidently by looking for the following hurricane window qualities:

Impact Glass

For replacement windows that are built to survive impacts from debris thrown in hurricane-strength winds, you need to look for a product that is built with laminated, impact glass. This glass is very similar to the kind of windshield glass found in cars. Instead of shattering under pressure, like standard single-pane window glass, this impact glass is meant to absorb shocks—spidering under pressure rather than breaking.

Durable Frames

Wood frames and vinyl frames aren’t typically designed to withstand severe weather conditions. For impact windows that are sure to offer long-lasting protection and minimal maintenance, look for a window that features an aluminum-reinforced vinyl frame. The added rigidity that this provides for the window is exactly what your home needs for extraordinary defense.

Professional Installation

While the actual construction of your windows is important to consider, the installation of these windows is even more vital to ensuring the stability of your hurricane windows. At Gulf Coast Windows, we offer and install hurricane windows that exceed typical designs. Plus, as the most tenured window company in the Greater Houston area, you can trust that we have your best interests in mind.

To learn more about our hurricane windows, contact Gulf Coast Windows today!