Why Have Hurricane Impact Windows Installed on Your Home in The Woodlands, TX?

Hurricane Impact Widows The Woodlands TXWhat are hurricane impact windows, and why would you want to have them installed on your home in The Woodlands, Texas? This type of window is actually quite common in areas of the United States that are vulnerable to hurricanes. Variously referred to as hurricane windows, hurricane-resistant windows, or impact windows, these windows generally feature heavy-duty frames along with an unbreakable type of glass called laminated impact glass or safety glass. Actually, it is a bit of misnomer to call this type of glass unbreakable. Laminated impact, or safety, glass is designed to hold its shape even if it is struck by an object and shatters. This characteristic is an important safety feature, as it can protect people inside your home from flying shards of glass.

At Gulf Coast Windows, we can install high-performance hurricane impact windows on your home in The Woodlands, TX, and help you achieve greater peace of mind. Our hurricane window – the Performer III – is certified by the Texas Department of Insurance and can withstand both high winds and flying objects. The Performer III even doubles as an effective deterrent to forced entry. The same characteristics that help it withstand powerful hurricanes – i.e., rock-solid frame, impregnable glass – can act as a powerful barrier against a criminal seeking access to your home.

For more information about the Performer III and the benefits of investing in hurricane impact windows in general, contact Gulf Coast Windows. Gulf Coast is an award-winning window replacement company serving The Woodlands, TX, that can professionally handle all your window needs.