How to Protect Your Windows

How to Protect Your Windows

Every homeowner should sleep soundly, knowing that their residence is secure from outside forces. If you would like to enhance your home’s protection, consider boosting the security of one of its most vulnerable features: the windows. Unfortunately, these aspects of a home are some of the first to be affected by Mother Nature’s wrath and targeted for potential break-ins. There are, however, ways you can defend your windows from these disastrous scenarios without spending an arm and a leg on the latest security systems. How? By investing in hurricane replacement windows.

The Performer III

At Gulf Coast Windows, we’ve designed a window that’s strong enough to endure the worst weather conditions, protecting you and your family from outside extremes that threaten the security of your home. These cutting-edge hurricane windows — the Performer III — feature innovative components that boast unmatched:

  • Impact resistance – Engineered from an aluminum-reinforced, rigid vinyl frame and featuring laminated impact glass, these windows absorb shocks caused by wind-blown debris.
  • Energy efficiency – All of the windows in our Performer Series are ENERGY STAR® certified and proven to enhance your home’s thermal performance.
  • Intruder resistance – Installing hurricane replacement windows can also protect your home against the threat of forced entries, keeping both you and your family safe.

And, as the most tenured window company serving residents of the Greater Houston area, we are the experts you can trust for a professional window installation. Performed by seasoned, highly skilled technicians who are well-versed in all things window related, your window installation will be completed seamlessly — ensuring you benefit from durable, beautiful new replacements that meet your expectations and more.

To learn more about the benefits of investing in hurricane windows for your home in Houston, TX, contact Gulf Coast Windows today.