What Can New House Windows do for You in Fort Worth, TX?

House Windows Fort Worth TXBuying new windows for your house in the Fort Worth area of Texas can be a great way to not just lower your energy bills but also improve your home’s curb appeal and be kinder to the environment. While having new windows installed can be a big financial investment, it may be an especially worthwhile home improvement project if your current windows are old, have just one pane of glass, or require a significant amount of ongoing maintenance.

How much money, specifically, can you save by investing in new house windows? In addition to possibly raising the value of your home, new windows may potentially put a significant dent in the amount of money you pay to cool or heat your home in Fort Worth each month. According to ENERGY STAR®, replacing old windows with windows that are ENERGY STAR® certified lowers household energy bills by 12 percent on average nationwide. Over time, such savings can really add up, making new house windows an investment you can feel good about.

Trusted Installer of High-Quality House Windows Serving Fort Worth, TX

If you are thinking about taking the plunge and having new house windows installed, then it is reassuring to know that you can confidently entrust all your window replacement needs to Gulf Coast Windows. Our company was founded in 1983 by current owner Jim Fiume and is the proud recipient of many impressive accolades, including the Better Business Bureau’s Pinnacle Award and Award of Excellence.

Our window lineup is as follows:

• Performer I – This is an aluminum-frame window that is packed with features designed to maximize energy efficiency, including dual-seal insulating glass and warm-edge spacer technology.
• Performer II – The window Jim started the company with, the Performer II is a vinyl-frame window that delivers eye-catching architectural details and exceptional thermal performance, all for an affordable price.
• Performer III – Designed for areas prone to hurricanes and/or tornadoes, the Performer III features laminated impact glass similar to auto windshield glass. This type of glass is shatter resistant and excels at deterring intruders and blocking outside noises.
• Performer IV – The frame of this window is made of a composite material that delivers the strength of aluminum, the look of wood, and the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl.

For more information, contact Gulf Coast Windows, an award-winning installer of house windows serving the community of Fort Worth and nearby areas of Texas.