Signs You May be Due for New House Windows in Dallas, Texas

House Windows Dallas TXBuying new windows for your house in Dallas, Texas, is a major investment. Do it right, though, and you stand to enjoy a wide array of benefits – both immediately and over the long term. For example, new house windows can drastically improve your home’s curb appeal as well as make is a lot less costly to heat and cool. In addition, new windows can make your house in Dallas considerably more attractive to prospective buyers – that is, should you have plans in the immediate or near future to put your property on the market.

The following is a brief overview of just a few of signs you are perhaps due for home window replacement:


Older windows generally just have a single pane of glass and are prone to developing small cracks where air can leak through. Unsurprisingly, a house full of old, single-pane windows can be prohibitively expensive to both heat and cool. High energy bills are a strong indication that you should have new, energy-efficient house windows installed.


Do you have one or more windows that are difficult to open and close? Similarly, are any of your windows painted shut and simply impossible to operate? Poor window operation is a telltale sign of the need for window replacement.


Over time, windows – especially wood windows – can become warped and unable to seal out air and moisture. In general, the best way to truly “fix” badly leaky windows is to replace them with modern models that feature high-performance weather stripping and other technologies that keep the elements out.

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