Home Siding: Comfort and Performance

Look no further than Gulf Coast for your siding needs. We are experienced in our industry and provide the highest level of service. The most commonly used in the area are vinyl siding, wood siding, cement siding and aluminum siding. Our company sells only the best siding product in the Houston and the surrounding areas. Our siding’s design combines nature and technology creating a maintenance free product. It is designed with the consumer in mind – energy efficient and beautifully designed.

True Form Siding

True Form

Provides exceptional protection against energy loss and the distortion and fading caused by extreme weather. Bonds an inner core of the thickest, high-density EPS insulation with a durable and beautiful outer layer – creating an integrated system that delivers remarkable strength and performance.
Rigid Lock Siding

Rigid Lock

The exclusive RigidLock with tongue- and-groove design means the siding panels stack firmly and locks in place with a tight connection and a satisfying “snap” that ensures a secure installation.
True Course Siding

True Course

Quality from a different perspective. Siding is designed to look just like single, hand-installed boards. Even from the bottom up.
Monowall Integrity Siding

Monowall Integrity

Intrinsic strength is the hallmark of the MonoWall Integrity feature. Combining secure locking and panel rigidity, Prodigy creates a veritable wall of its own.

Extreme Conditions Rated

  • Industry-best insulation of up to 11⁄2″ thickness* delivers outstanding R-value performance that can help reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • The vinyl surface and secure seams repel the worst downpours, and the insulating layer “breathes” to resist water retention.
  • The engineered vinyl surface is guaranteed to resist fading for a generation.
  • Durable surface and contoured underlayment stand up strong to impact from wind-blown objects, pounding hailstorms and other elements.
  • The high-performance finish beautifully resists scratching and abrasions from everyday wear and tear.
  • Designed to stay securely fastened, with no tearing or rattling, even in extreme winds.

Contemporary Color Collection

Contemporary Color Collection

Architectural Pallete

Architectural Pallete

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