How to Know You Need New Home Windows in Dallas, TX

Home Windows Dallas TXBuying new windows for your home in Dallas, Texas, is a major financial investment. But, new windows can make a world of difference and may even be able to help you actually save money over the long run. Though replacing windows isn’t exactly inexpensive, doing so with the right windows – and with the help of a trusted window replacement contractor – can have a profound impact on not just the value of your home but also its energy efficiency and comfort.

When do you know you need new home windows in Dallas, TX? Any of the following may indicate that your home is a candidate for window replacement:

  • Drafty rooms – Over time, home windows can shrink, warp, and develop brittle weather stripping, making it possible for cold air from outside to enter the home and make things uncomfortable. New windows can address this problem.
  • High energy bills – Warm air will always flow in the direction of a cooler temperature. This is called the second law of thermodynamics. How does this relate to windows? Typically, old windows do a poor job of insulating, forcing you to spend more money cooling your home in the summer and heating it in the winter. New windows – especially those with two or three panes of glass and other energy-saving features – can lower your monthly energy bills.
  • Imminent sale – Having new home windows installed might be in order if you plan to put your home on the market. That’s because today’s buyers actively seek out energy efficient homes and a house full of old, drafty windows that require a lot of maintenance might be a deal breaker for some.

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