Wood Clad Doors

Our beautiful wood clad doors are an efficient and beautiful addition to your home. At Gulf Coast Windows, we offer a wide variety of wood clad doors for your viewing pleasure in our showroom, as well as a number of different woods to choose from. For truly distinctive homes in the Dallas area, our wood clad doors are an absolute must as they not only give of an extremely aesthetically pleasing quality, but the cladding offers up high-end protection from harmful elements and weather; these doors keep the cold out during the winter, and the heat out during the summer, so you’re safe and comfortable the whole year ‘round.

Both our exterior and interior selections come with a number of strong and gorgeous wood including pine, oak, alder, and mahogany among many others. In addition to the standard color options, we also offer high-end designer coloration templates, and a renowned historical series to ensure that your door’s color matches your homes interior and exterior to allow for the most gorgeous home you could wish for. Patio doors can be purchased with convenient shatter-resistant laminated glass to help protect your home from snow, sleet, hail and heavy rain. In addition to weather and elemental damage, our wood clad doors provide your home with an increased protection from intruders.

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Interior Wood

Dallas interior wood clad door color options

Exterior Finishes

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