Performer III Composite Windows

Why is the Performer III a better window?

Compozit Frame Material

  • Insulates over 2.5 times better than rigid vinyl, and over 1.5 times better than wood
  • Resists termites, mildew, and fungus
  • Superior surface hardness over most types of wood, and it will not rot
  • Screw holding power is superior to vinyl and pine
  • Carries a UL-VO-94 fire rating, the best available
  • Can stay exposed to salt-water for over 1,000 hours.
  • Warranties available against: cracking, peeling, flaking, blistering, degrading, fading, warping, and bowing

Our composite material experiences considerably less expansion/contraction than rigid vinyl. Compozit shrinks between .05% to 1.1% compared to the 2% allowable for composite material, beating the AAMA's benchmark by a healthy margin, while Rigid Vinyl's allowable shrinkage is between 2.4% to 3%, much higher than our Compozit material.


  • Space-age Compozit frame and sash delivers twice the insulating value of competitor products to keep your home comfortable longer for less money.
  • Durable 3-1/4" master frame and welded corners deliver superior strength and beauty, and triple weather stripping with a full depth interlock on sashes to virtually eliminate any and all draft.
  • Due to our tilt-in sashes, no ladders are necessary cleaning from inside your home.
  • High security ventilation locks help protect your family and home.
  • Contoured tilt latches and locks for a clean inside appearance.
  • Full slope sill for classic window look.
  • Sound absorbent for peace and quiet.
  • Maintenance-free for years of value and enjoyment.

Heat Reflector™ Glass Package

Performer III Compozit Windows features the very best in thermal efficiency technology. The windows are three times more efficient than most companies in maximizing thermal performance, and keeping your home comfortable.

Heat Reflector™ Glass blocks nearly 80% of the sun's heat from entering your home, while letting the light shine through, keeping your home bright while blocking out harmful UV rays. This is accomplished with the 18 microscopic layers located on the inside of the outer pane of glass, and this includes three special layers of silver, while most competitor products use only two.

Each Heat Reflector™ Double Pane System incorporates Argon gas in between double-strength glass to complete the glass pack to help block the transfer of heat better than air while increasing energy-efficiency. Argon also adds protection from the sun's damaging rays, and helps to significantly diminish sound pollution.

Expanded Compozit Polymers

The insulation value—also known as the R-factor—per linear inch of a Compozit window frame is 214% better than vinyl windows and significantly better than other frame types. The secret that makes our windows better is our revolutionary EPC insulation, a high-density space-age Compozit material that is intended to keep your home comfortable.

The structural foam is created through a combination of resins, chemical additives, and modifiers. The mix is processed with nitrogen and other blowing agents at an extremely high temperature resting between 400 and 600°F. When the final shape is ready, it is actually made up of millions of tine shapes and bubbles inside that are shaped somewhat like a honeycomb. Though they are compressed, the material actually has an incredibly dense strength and durability not found in vinyl or wood products.

The Ideal Replacement Window

The Performer III Compozit Series pocket window offers the best solution for replacement windows with its sleek and slender 3 ¼ in. frame width. It causes minimal disruption to interior trim or existing casing because it's designed for installation into the pocket of a pre-existing opening. The pocket-style frame also allows homeowners to upgrade the performance of their old windows without sacrificing the aesthetics and architecture of their original windows and trim work.

Hardware Options

Composite window Hardware color Options by Gulf Coast Windows

All Performer III interior hardware comes in three color options—white, beige, or brown—and our hardware package includes the locks, handles, tilt release latches, and vent locks.

Screen Options

composite window Screen Options

Our windows come standard with our amazing Teflon-coated fiberglass TruClear Window screening. This fiberglass screening is puncture resistant and can survive years of rigorous use. TruClear Window screens are nearly invisible with better visibility and improved airflow over standard fiberglass screening. Additionally, you can enjoy the view outside your home without having to deal with the annoying screen being in the way with our transparent TruClear Window screens.

Types of Performer III Windows

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung replacement Windows in Dallas

The Performer III Compozit window has a unique tilt mechanism to ensure an airtight design not found in other windows, while allowing both top and bottom sashes to easily tilt in for cleaning. It also features equal sight lines in both top and bottom sashes, providing a cleaner, more open look. You can choose the standard half screen in this series, with a full screen option also available. The frame is also four times stronger than the leading competitors in the industry, helping it last longer and protect from more intense debris and weather. Our Heat Reflector™ Glass package also provides the very best energy rating and savings available.

wonderful options of Double Hung Windows

Inswing Awning Windows

Inswing Awning Windows installation Dallas

The unique Performer III Compozit Inswing Awning Window is a specially designed awning window built for more adequate ventilation. Every Inswing Awning Window is designed with the same energy-saving specifications as all our Performer III Compozit Window Systems. Outswing awning windows are also available.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and Bow wood windows replacement and installation Dallas

Our bay and bow windows give your home extra space and dimension without the expense of traditional room additions, and are also a great way to create a focal point in a room. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and still be able to sit comfortably inside your home.

Wonderful Dallas options of Bay and Bow Windows by Gulf Coast Windows company

Swing & Clean Slider Windows

Replacement of Swing and Clean Slider Windows in northern Texas

Our specialty slider windows allow you to effortlessly glide each sash on our uniquely designed T-track. Our T-track eliminates wheels and unsightly brass marks while utilizing innovative engineering to eliminate the problems associated with older slider systems. Additionally, both window sashes pivot inside for easy cleaning.

Wonderful options of swing and clean Slider replacement windows

Casement Windows

Dallas Casement Windows replacement

Our industry-leading casement windows offer the best of both worlds: fresh air and improved security with multipoint operational hardware. Casements are available with a 90° hinge for maximum ventilation or the standard hinge that allows for easy cleaning inside and out.

Four seasons replacement options of Casement Windows

Specialty Shapes

We can make custom windows in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to offer the design flexibility that few others can provide.

Dallas composite windows Specialty Shapes

Decorative Options

composite replacement windows wonderful Decorative Options

The Perfect Wood Replacement Window

With four factory applied interior stain finishes, or the option of an unfinished real pine veneer, your new Performer III Compozit pocket windows will match any decor. Our innovative engineering allows you the natural beauty of wood to match your existing interior design, or create a new look. With maintenance-free technology that only we can provide, you're sure to enjoy the Gulf Coast Windows Performer III wood replacement window.

TRUCoatings Color & Stain Finish Options

Our Compozit Windows are available in 10 different colors, or with five interior wood grain options. Performer III Compozit windows can be manufactured in any combination of interior and exterior colors, unless otherwise indicated.

Color Finish Options

composite windows replacement Dallas wonderful Color Finish Options

Stain Finish Options

wonderful Dallas composite windows Stain Finish Options

Compozit Patio Doors

With our patio door package, you can now enjoy all the best features of a Performer III Compozit window as a door! We provide a wide array of frame and glass options subject to the style you need to perfectly accent your home. Mix and match frame colors to complement your interior and exterior décor, and select from a variety of options ranging from distinctive to dramatic. Additionally, our patio doors can match the color of your Compozit windows!

Compozit Patio Doors replacement Dallas

3-Point Precision Locking System

3-Point Precision Locking System Gulf Coast Windows Dallas

Our standard locking system includes a specially designed door handle lock, with two steel-locking bars that bolt into a steel receiver in one easy motion. We can also install a third steel security lock to provide extra security, and that can also act as a 'ventilation lock' option.

Hardware Options

Gulf Coast Dallas replacement doors Hardware color Options

Various Decorative Glass Options

Gulf Coast Dallas replacement Decorative Glass Options

Quality Craftsmanship

  • 50-Year Transferable Warranty
  • Designed by experienced craftsmen
  • Operational ease
  • Maintenance Free, will never rot, warp, crack or need paint

Energy Efficient

  • Heat Reflector™ Double-Pane Glass provides ultimate energy-efficiency
  • Thermal threshold engineered for strength and air tight fit