Are Custom Windows Right for Your Home in Houston, Texas?

Custom Windows Houston TXCustom windows can be a great choice for your home in the Houston area of Texas. Unlike stock windows, customized windows allow you to choose the exact style you want and are generally more energy efficient and easier to install.

Let’s look at these and some other benefits of having custom windows installed:

• Design flexibility – Having your windows custom built as opposed to essentially buying them off the shelf makes it possible for you to select the style and features that are most important to you. It also makes it easier for you to match your new windows to the specific architectural style of your house.
• Energy efficiency – Custom windows will come in sizes that exactly fit your preexisting window openings. As such, there will be fewer opportunities for infiltration of outside air.
• Ease of installation – Customized home windows require less prep work to install. This, ultimately, helps saves time and money.

Award-Winning Installer of Custom Windows Serving Houston, TX

Gulf Coast Windows is an award-winning, Houston-based business and a company that proudly offers a wide selection of custom windows. All windows from Gulf Coast are 100 percent made to order and are installed by our company’s very own in-house trained window replacement specialists. Our window selection is as follows:

• Performer I – This is one of strongest and more durable aluminum windows on the market. It also features low-E glass, warm-edge spacers, and double mylar-fin weather-stripping.
• Performer II – Our company has sold over one million of this particular model. It features easy-to-maintain frames constructed out of premium titanium dioxide uPVC.
• Performer III – The Houston area certainly is no stranger to inclement weather – even tornadoes and hurricanes. The Performer III is designed for homes in coastal areas as it features aluminum-reinforced vinyl frames and laminated impact glass, which is similar to shatter-proof automobile windshield glass.
• Performer IV – Boasting a composite frame, this window combines the beauty of painted wood with the durability of aluminum and the low maintenance benefits of vinyl.

Want to learn more? Then contact Gulf Coast Windows today. We are a window replacement company that has proudly served the Houston area for over 35 years!