A High-Performance Composite Replacement Window for Homes in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth & Other Texas Cities

Composite Window ReplacementThe composite replacement window of choice for residents of Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and other Texas cities is the Performer IV – available exclusively from Gulf Coast Windows. The Performer IV features a state-of-the-art composite frame that significantly outperforms any other commonly used window frame material. This cutting-edge frame is designed to withstand year after year of exposure to the outdoor elements and still look great. In fact, the Performer IV looks remarkably like a painted wood-frame window. Unlike a wood window, though, the Performer IV requires very little maintenance – and never requires re-painting – and also will not peel, crack, split, rot, or warp. Essentially, the Performer IV gives you the strength of an aluminum window, the aesthetics appeal of a wood window, with the maintenance-free benefits of a vinyl window.

Residents of Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, and other cities in the state who choose the Performer IV receive a composite replacement window that excels in every performance category. In addition to exhibiting a gorgeous wood-like appearance, the Performer IV is:

  • Energy efficient – The proprietary Heat Reflector glass package that we use features two panes of thermally efficient glass and argon gas to help minimize heat transfer. Technologically advanced warm-edge spacers enhance the energy efficiency of this window even further.
  • Completely customizable – The Performer IV is available in multiple styles and colors. Each one is made to order.

Plus, at Gulf Coast Windows, our installers are extensively trained individuals who know how to replace windows right. We would never think of sending an inexperienced installer to a customer’s home.

For more information about the Performer IV and why it is the best composite replacement window available, contact Gulf Coast Windows today. We serve Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and other Texas cities.