Are Replacement Windows Worth the Cost?

Are Replacement Windows Worth the Cost?Budgeting is not always a fun topic, especially when it revolves around home improvements. As uncomfortable as these financial investments can be, putting your funds toward rewarding projects will dramatically improve the appearance of your home as well as enhance its performance. And both of those benefits can potentially boost your home’s value. So where should most of your funds go when making improvements to your home? One of the best places to start is with the windows.

Replacement Windows Are a Valuable Investment

Faulty windows can do more harm than good for your home, as they affect everything from curb appeal to energy efficiency. Therefore, the cost of replacement windows is well worth it. In fact, you have the potential to recoup as much as 80% of the cost of your windows should you decide to sell your home. That being said, in order to get the best bang for your buck, you need to ensure that you are investing in new windows that offer the best in beauty, durability, and energy efficiency. And one of the best ways to do that is by sourcing your upgrades from a window specialist like Gulf Coast Windows. From product selection to installation, partnering with a home improvement professional will dramatically improve your chances of finding the perfect replacement windows for your needs.

When to Upgrade Your Home’s Windows

Of course, the specific value of your replacement windows will vary with the market, the frame material you choose, and the level of customization that you request for the upgrade. All of these variables will also impact the overall cost of your upgrade. If you are truly weighing the value of investing in new windows for your home, knowing when the upgrade is absolutely necessary can vastly help you make a decision. Here are some signs that indicate you should consider a window replacement sooner than later:

  1. Soft window frames
  2. Broken glass
  3. Windows that are no longer functional
  4. Leaky or drafty windows

High energy bills and noisy neighbors are additional reasons to consider investing in new windows, as new models feature incredible energy-efficient components that can insulate your home against outside noise as well as temperatures.

The Performer Series by Gulf Coast Windows

At Gulf Coast Windows, we offer a wide variety of replacement windows to homeowners throughout Houston and are the most tenured window company in the area. As part of our award-winning Performer series, our windows include:

  • The Performer I (aluminum windows)
  • The Performer II (vinyl windows)
  • The Performer III (hurricane windows)
  • The Performer IV (composite windows)

What’s more, all of these windows come backed by a non-prorated and transferable 50-year warranty. They are also highly customizable with regard to size, shape, and color. Plus, you’ll have the option to choose from double-pane windows, triple-pane windows, or even quad-pane windows (with vinyl-frame and composite-frame models only) for exceptional insulation. Best of all, our replacement windows are all ENERGY STAR® certified.

To learn more about our replacement windows and their advantages, contact Gulf Coast Windows today.