Are Aluminum Windows the Right Choice for Your Home in Houston, TX?

Aluminum Windows Houston TXBe sure to consider the many advantages of aluminum windows if the time has come to install new windows on your home in Houston, Texas. Assuming that it’s well made, an aluminum window will provide excellent thermal performance along with highly effective sound insulation. An aluminum frame that is constructed out of high-performance materials can drastically minimize heat loss and gain. When looking at aluminum windows, focus your attention on models that bear the ENERGY STAR® certification label. ENERGY STAR® windows lower household energy bills by an average of 12 percent nationwide.

Energy efficiency and sound insulation are just the beginning when it comes to why you might want to invest in aluminum windows in Houston, TX. Another important factor is their durability. Unlike many windows, aluminum models do not crack, swell, warp, or split – even after years of exposure to the punishing outdoor elements. An additional advantage of going the aluminum route is being able to order windows in highly specialized shapes as aluminum can easily be manipulated to achieve the shape, or shapes, you require.

One of the premier aluminum window products currently on the market is the Performer I from Gulf Coast Windows. It features a strong and durable aluminum frame along with cutting-edge features such as dual-seal insulating glass, warm-edge spacers, and argon gas fills.

For more information about the Performer I and the various benefits of aluminum windows in general, contact Gulf Coast Windows – a trusted window replacement company that has served the Houston, TX, area for more than 35 years.