Are Aluminum Windows the Best Choice for Your Home in Fort Worth, TX?

Aluminum Windows Fort Worth TXDon’t overlook aluminum windows if you have come to the determination that your home in the Fort Worth area of Texas is due for window replacement. Though the aluminum window may have been surpassed by the vinyl window in terms of popularity, the fact remains that aluminum continues to be a great-selling window frame and one that actually outperforms vinyl (and wood) in a variety of categories.

For example, did you know that aluminum windows offer the highest degree of design flexibility? The inherent strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum means that a far wider range of design options are on the table when you decide to go the aluminum route as opposed to wood or vinyl.

Another great thing about the aluminum window is that it is incredibly durable and requires hardly any maintenance. Aluminum is a corrosion-resistant material that isn’t adversely affected by long-term environmental exposure. Unlike many other popular window-frame materials – especially painted wood – aluminum will not swell, crack, or split.

A final thought about aluminum windows to mull over is that they can be priced highly economically. Factor in the many energy efficient features that can be found on most modern aluminum windows and what you have is a strong, affordably priced window that can help you lower your energy bills.

The Performer I

At Gulf Coast Windows, we proudly offer an aluminum window that delivers these and other benefits. It is called the Performer I and is a thermal-grade aluminum window that continues to be one of our top sellers. The Performer I is a strong, durable window that comes outfitted with a range of advanced features designed to help homeowners in the Fort Worth area of Texas save money. These include:

  • Warm-edge spacer technology
  • Dual weather stripping
  • Argon gas fills
  • Low-E glass

For more information about the Performer I and how it stacks up against other aluminum windows, contact Gulf Coast Windows today. In the Fort Worth, TX, area, we also install doors, siding, and more.