The Benefits of Having Aluminum Windows Installed on Your Home in Dallas, Texas

Aluminum Windows Dallas TXAluminum windows can be found on many homes in the Dallas area of Texas. Long a popular window option, aluminum windows continue to be hot sellers thanks to their many advantageous performance characteristics. Let’s look at just some of those characteristics:


Aluminum windows are extraordinarily robust and stand up well to the harshest of environmental conditions. They also do not swell, crack, split, warp, or rot. Nor do they ever have to be repainted!


The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum makes it possible to fashion aluminum window frames in just about any style imaginable.


While they aren’t necessarily always the least expensive option, aluminum windows do generally tend to be on the more affordable side.

Gulf Coast Windows

One of the premier installers of aluminum windows in the Dallas area is Gulf Coast Windows – an award-winning company that has been exceeding expectations for well over three decades! Our aluminum window – the Performer I – offers the ultimate in strength and durability, as well as stellar energy efficiency. As with all our windows, the Performer I comes backed by a 50-year warranty that can be transferred as many as three times.

Contact Gulf Coast Windows today to schedule a complimentary window replacement quote. In the Dallas area, we also install entry doors, sliding patio doors, siding, and more.