Are Aluminum Windows the Best Choice for Your Home in Dallas, TX?

Aluminum Windows Dallas TXBe sure to consider aluminum windows if you live in the Dallas area of Texas and find yourself in need of window replacement.

Why aluminum?

Aluminum windows are a popular choice and have been for many years not just in the United States but around the world. While it’s true it may have lost ground to the vinyl window, the aluminum window is a proven fenestration product that only continues to get better with the introduction of modern window advancements.

One major advantage of aluminum windows is their weight to strength ratio. They can be as much as three times strong as vinyl and as much as twice as strong as wood – making them the ideal choice for certain style configurations.

Another plus that aluminum windows have in their favor is that they will never warp or rot like their vinyl or wood counterparts. In addition, thanks to modern painting practices, a painted aluminum will not fade or chalk, promising that “just installed” look for many years with minimal maintenance.

The Performer I

At Gulf Coast Windows, we proudly sell an aluminum window that is arguably one of the finest products of its kind currently on the market. It is called the Performer I and delivers the ultimate in strength and durability, all the while boasting an assortment of technologically advanced features that result in impressive thermal performance. These include:

  • Warm-edge spacers
  • Double mylar fin weather stripping
  • Insulating polymer frame material
  • Low-E glass
  • Argon gas fills

Contact Gulf Coast Windows if you live or near Dallas, Texas, and would like additional information about the Performer I. All our aluminum windows are made to order, installed by skilled professionals, and backed by a 50-year, fully transferable warranty.